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PTA Scholarships

Little girl reading to dog

As a result of the pandemic, our resources have been dramatically reduced. Scholarships are therefore paused until further notice for all but those in the most urgent and extreme need. If you have an extremely urgent need, you may still apply, keeping in mind that very few applicants can be awarded at this time, and scholarships may be partial only.

When resources allow, Protect Them All may award education & training scholarships. These scholarships are set aside for individual, private dog owners struggling with financial or other difficulties, and/or those living with cultural inequities. They are not for those working or planning to work in the pet industry.

The Fearful Dogs Project also offers scholarships; visit that page for more information.


All scholarship offerings  and awards are at the sole discretion and provision of Protect Them All.  Availability is subject to change at any time.

Click here to apply for a PTA  scholarship.

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