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Force-Free for All
Education & Training that empower the public to live and work with animals without the use of force, intimidation, pain, or fear-leveraging.

We can all do more to improve the situation not only for animals and their caregivers in need now, but for future animals and their caregivers. 


First, as members of an ever-evolving civil society, we can recognize and act on ways to improve the current mindset regarding how we think about, care for, handle, and protect companion animals.  You can help effect this change. Speak up for companion animals. Contact us for supporting data if you need ideas or materials.


As animal lovers, we can take preventive measures by learning anti-aversives care, treatment, training, and handling--for our own betterment and for the well-being and safety of our own companion animals--and by offering encouragement toward anti-aversives training and handling, as well as anti-aversives training referrals, to friends, family, and colleagues who have pets. 


PTA works to help the public become more skilled and knowledgeable in non-aversive methods -- sometimes also called "force-free, fear-free, pain-free."

Need a referral in your region? Email us for a list of qualified, anti-aversives trainers and behavior consultants near you.


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